Hello everyone ! I’m a start-up blogger and this is my every first article. 大家好!我是個新手blogger,這是我第一篇食譜文

I’m not a professional photographer either a chef, but I’m here sharing my travel experiences and recipes with inspirations. 我不是一個專業攝影師,也不是一個專業的廚師,但是我想跟大家分享我的旅遊記錄和有趣經驗和我的食物制作心得以及食譜

Like and share the articles you like. Don’t hesitate if you had any questions or something you want to know. 喜歡我的文章可以自己動手做做看,也記得跟我分享你的心得和成品喔,如果有什麼問題或是想知道更多有關文章的tips歡迎來問我喔

Enjoy your journey with ANDRINA’S VENTURE. 希望你在這兒玩得愉快~

Marble cheesecake

Ingredients 材料

for 6′ cake pan 一個六吋活動底蛋糕模

For the bottom crust:  餅乾底
Cookie crumbs-80g  餅乾碎
Melted UNSALTED butter-40g 無鹽奶油
Sugar-10g 糖

For the filling: 起司蛋糕餡
Cream cheese (room temperature)-250g 奶油起司
Sour cream or yogurt-100g 酸奶油
Sugar-70g 糖
Self rising flour-1 tablespoon 低筋麵粉
Salt- A pinch 鹽
Egg- 1 蛋
Lemon Juice-1 tablespoon 檸檬汁
Nutella- 1 tablespoons


STEP 1 第一步 製做餅乾底

  1. Heat the oven to 200°C. 將烤箱預熱至 200°C
  2. Lightly grease cake pan with oil. 將蛋糕模內側抹上薄薄的奶油
  3. Grind cookies until fine. 將餅乾壓碎(可使用食物調理機,或放入塑膠袋,密封後使用擀面棍滾碎)
  4. Mix cookie crumbs with melted butter 將磨碎的餅乾和熔化奶油拌勻
  5. Press into bottom of cake pan. 倒入蛋糕模,用湯匙壓平
  6. Bake 5-6 minutes than cool completely (you can put it in refrigerator). 放入烤箱烤5-6分鐘後放涼備用

IMG_0011 IMG_0012拷貝

STEP 2 第二步 制作奶油起司糊

  1. Lower oven temperature to 150°C. 將烤箱溫度降至150°C
  2. Take a mixer bowl, beat cream cheese until fluffy. 取一攪拌盆,將奶油起司打成鬆軟狀態(也就是不要一大塊一大塊的)
  3. Add sugar and sour cream, beat it until becomes creamy and smooth.  加入糖和酸奶油拌勻
  4. Blend in the eggs (one at a time if you double the quantities of the ingredients.)加入蛋(若你做的份量較大,有兩顆以上的蛋,加入一顆蛋後攪拌均勻再加進下一顆)
  5. Add the lemon juice and blend. 加入檸檬汁拌勻
  6. Add the flour and salt and blend. 加入篩過的麵粉和鹽

IMG_0016拷貝 IMG_0017拷貝

STEP 3 第三步 過濾奶油起司糊

  1. Take a strainer to strain the cream cheese batter. 使用濾網過濾奶油起司糊,避免大太的奶油起司塊殘留,會影響口感


STEP 4 第四步 製作nutella奶油起司醬

  1. Take 3 tablespoons cream cheese batter and mix with 1 tablespoons Nutella as chocolate batter. 將一匙的nutella和三匙的奶油起司糊拌勻


STEP 5 第五步

  1. Pour cream cheese batter into the cake pan (onto the crust) 將過濾好的奶油起司糊倒入蛋糕模
  2. Fill the chocolate batter in to a plastic bag and cut a pinhole on it.(It’s great if you have Piping Bag) 將拌勻的巧克力奶油起司糊裝入擠花袋


STEP 6 第六步 制作巧克力大理石花紋和準備烘烤

  1. Drop the chocolate batter randomly over the top. 隨性在奶油起司糊上擠上巧克力起司糊
  2. Use a pick or toothpick (unused) to swirl the chocolate batter, forming a marble effect. 用牙籤或是類似物品隨性來回勾出大理石花紋
  3. Cover the bottom and sides of the cake pan with aluminum foil. 蛋糕模底部包上鋁箔紙以免烘烤時蛋糕模底部進水
  4. Place the cake pan in the tray filled with hot water. 烤盤倒入熱水
  5. Bake it at 150°C for 60 mins until the middle is firm and lightly browned. 放入蛋糕模,以150°C 低溫烘烤約60分鐘,取一鐵籤插入蛋糕,若不粘黏即可取出。

STEP 7 第七步 請先冷藏

  1. Cool down to room temperature. 烤完後取出放涼。
  2. Place it in the fridge for one day.  放入冰箱冷藏一晚



  1. Warm up you knife in hot water. 取一杯熱水,將刀子放入
  2. Swipe the knife with a dry towel. 用乾布將刀子擦乾
  3. Cut the cake. 快速地切下蛋糕,每切一次都加熱和清潔一次刀


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