::RECIPE:: Creamy New York Cheese Cake / 超重口味紐約重乳酪起司蛋糕(無粉)

I fell in love with New York cheesecake when I was in new york eating the cheesecake from Junior’s. 🙂  I did try various cheese from cafe to cake shop, also tried several recipes. Today I’m gonna share this perfect recipe with you, making it without all-purpose flour or corn stash. That’s mean if you are adding flour is the batter, cream cheese has to be reduced.



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::RECIPE:: Spinach & Pork chop quiche with bacon bites / 洋蔥菠菜培根豬鹹派


這邊要跟大家分享的是我做的新口味(清冰箱亂搭配)洋蔥菠菜培根豬鹹派 ~


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::SPOT:: Chiangmai Sunday working street and Thai street food

There are 4 main night markets in Chiangmai :

1. Saturday night market at Wua Lai Rd. also near to the Chiangmai gate.
2. Sunday working street from the gate Tha Pae to the old city centre.
3. Chiangmai night bazaar located the east side out of the old city.
4. the Chiangmai University night market.

In this article I’m going to show you what I saw and the street food I tried in Chiangmai Sunday working street. Are you ready for this?!


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::DO:: Thai massage is a must – Fah Lanna Spa and Massage in Chiang Mai

There are hundreds of spa in Chiangmai you can choose which is appropriate for you. I chose this spa because I got a highly recommend from my friend and I’m also attracted by their menu on the website. / Fah Lanna Spa Chiangmai /

I was very satisfied with their service, decoration of the shop and the location. That is why I visited this place twice and still feel good about the experience. 🙂


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