::FOOD:: Superb fried chicken in Chiangmai Thailand !!!

There are some stalls sell terrific fried chicken in Chiangmai, Thailand for no reason. Marinaded with some special Thai seasoning then deep-fried are the secrets to make it so delicious. There are two shops I tried and both of them are so great, but you don’t have to find these shops in purpose cause the food in Chiangmai won’t disappointed you basically.


The stall


affordable prices


hey, give me all of it!!! (JK)


I ordered 2 fried chicken wings, a fried chicken drum and 10 baht fried chicken skin(so crispy).


The other shop isn’t a stall, it’s more like a grandma’s house and her shop is just in front of it.


the price is depends on the size of chicken drum, this is for 35 baht. So amazing.


Enjoy your food journey in Chiangmai 🙂


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