::FOOD:: Just can’t say no to iced cold drinks if you are in Thailand

The average temperature is about 30°C in Chiangmai, so I NEED some cold drinks to cool me down also stay hydrated. Also, I’m gonna present Thai beers here for you guys.


1. WAWEE ICED COFFEE They called WAWEE as Chiangmai Starbucks, that means buy Wawee instead of Starbucks when you are here. Moreover, it’s just half of price compared with Starbucks. With excellent ingredients like local coffee bean, purified water and certificated machine, also a professional barista make them all in a cup of coffee. There are 16 branches in Chiangmai, 5 branches in Bangkok. Free WI-FI available. $95 baht for Iced Mochacino, $85 baht for iced latte, I told the barista to reduce the ice cub, that is why my coffee is not a full cup.


It was noon time, can’t stand the heat at outside.


2. Drinks I bought in 7-11 Yes yes yes, you might have seen A LOT of 7-11 in Thailand. When you feel like you wanna drink something, just go in to 7-11 and grab whatever you like(gotta paid for it of course).


3. Thai milk tea You might overheard of milk tea, but have you ever try it? Especially Thai tea which is made with thai tea leaf, sugar and whole milk. Thai people add a lot sugar and ice cub in coffee, juice and milk tea etc. $10 baht for a cup (300 c.c)


4. Coconut water. There are two ways they sell coconut water: 1. Sell by cups, about $30 baht for a 700 c.c plastic cup. 2.Sell by a whole coconut ($50 baht, depends by the size of coconut). Just like this picture, the vendor will cutout a hole on the coconut for putting in the straw. Pro is that you can eat the “coconut flesh” when you done with the coconut water, and the con is that the shell is pretty heavy when you are shopping in night bazaar.


5. Mango shake. It’s like mango smoothie, blended with ice cub and water. I prefer buy fresh fruit juice in local restaurant or stalls, cause some taste like concentrated juice in cafe. Mango season is about March to May, if you are staying here in this wonderful mango season, just drink mango shake and eat mango with sticky rice all day, everyday!!! (JK) $80 baht / Café Kantary


$50 baht for 1 cup of mango shake (500 c.c) / a local restaurant near gate tha pae


6.Thai beer


There are the most famous three brands called : SINGHA, Chang and LEO.

1. SINGHA- From March 2013, Singha beer will be produced at Carlsberg‘s Russian plant for distribution in European markets. (Wikipedia) Also, this company has run a restaurant in Bangkok named EST 33 by SINGHA. This lager has a crisp and light taste then average beer, which is very good for Thai spicy food. You can see and purchase SINGHA in local store, 7-11 and restaurant easily.

2. Chang My favorite is Chang beer. Chang is means “elephant” in Thai. Chang is a truly exceptional Thai beer, created to compliment the unique culture, heritage and cuisine of Thailand. Within only four years, Chang beer became the number one selling Thai beer brand in its home country. – http://www.changbeer.com There are three kinds of Chang Beer available: Classic, Export and Light.

3. LEO beer The one of the most popular beer in Thailand, but nearly found it out of Thailand. The taste is light and smooth and similar to SINGHA. The price is cheaper than those beers I mentioned earlier.


Also the SPY wine cooler, I love them all. Basically, “wine cooler” are made by wine and fruit juice. It’s like cocktail as Smirnoff, my girl friends are very crazy for SPY wine cooler. There are more flavors like moscato, margarita, mojito and mai tai etc…


Oh, the alcohol daily ban in Chiangmai. You only can buy alcohol during 11:00 a.m-14:00 p.m. and from 17:00 a.m.-00:00 a.m.  Sometimes the government make this ban during elections or important religious festival. Very interesting.


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