::DO:: Thai massage is a must – Fah Lanna Spa and Massage in Chiang Mai

There are hundreds of spa in Chiangmai you can choose which is appropriate for you. I chose this spa because I got a highly recommend from my friend and I’m also attracted by their menu on the website. / Fah Lanna Spa Chiangmai /

I was very satisfied with their service, decoration of the shop and the location. That is why I visited this place twice and still feel good about the experience. 🙂


The Fah Lanna Spa owns two shops. One is located in the old town, the other is out of the old city and very close to the Chiangmai night bazaar. The menus of two shops are quite different by the services and prices, the spa in old town is tend to more luxury then the other one. I went to the shop near by the night bazaar due to the budget, but the services is good as well.

The masseur was cleaning my foot with warm water and some herbal foot scrub.


I chose the massage package: (price may vary from times)

(The price in 2015)

The first day: Thai Massage + Reflexology Foot Massage / 2hrs in total / $400 baht +$50 tips(depends on the serivce)

One hour for foot massage and it was too comfortable so I fall asleep haha and the next hour the masseur will bring you to the private room and give you a REAL Thai massage. (There is no doubt that I fall asleep again)

The second day: Thai Massage + Thai Herbal Ball Massage / 2hrs in total / $650 baht +$50 tips(depends on the service)

One hour for Thai massage and the next hour I arranged Thai herbal massage. The masseur will prepare a steam pot for warming the herbal ball up, then she will put the hot herbal ball on your back, shoulder or waist for couple minutes and do some massage.


The small room for doing Thai Massage here. The atmosphere was quite and relaxing.


They will serve warm sweet ginger tea and warm towel when the massage is done.


The garth of the fah lanna spa



Fah Lanna Massage (by the night bazaar)

CONTACT (Thai, English)

Web : http://www.fahlanna.com/index.php  – you can check the menu here

Address : 186/3 Loy Kroh Road, Chang Klang, Ampur Muang, Chiang Mai 50100

***The small lane between McDonald’s and Burger King (opposite Le Meridien hotel)

Phone : 082 0303 029

Email : email@fahlanna.com , fahlannaspa@gmail.com


10 am – 11 pm  (Last appointment 10 pm)

YOU CAN ALSO CHOOSE THE OTHER BRANCH IN TOWN. (more luxury and large-scale than the one out of town, so the price could be a bit higher.)

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