::FOOD:: Cheese cake in a tart from Hokkaido?! I’m not kidding. – BAKE cheese tart

Last December when I was traveling in Tokyo, strolling out Shinjuku metro station. Suddenly, an enticing smell dragged me to a long line. People queued in front of a tiny bakery. As a curious food lover, I joined the long line to see how best it could be.

“Our cheese tart has been founded in Hokkaido, and so much appreciated by all generations in Tokyo lately. It is perfectly matches taste with crispy baked tart dough, tenderly soft cheese mousse.” – BAKE cheese tart

BAKE originate in Hokkaido, now you can see it in Osaka, Fukuoka, Hong Kong and even Taipei.

It made with 3 kinds of cheese to present the strong flavor and silk texture, plus twice-baked (the first time to firm the pastry, the second time is bake with the cheese mousse) tart pastry only make this heavenly cheese tart more desirable.

one for ¥216 (w/tax)

6 for ¥1242 (w/tax)

There are 4 ways to enjoy the BAKE cheese tart:

  1. NOW : Eat it as fresh as possible.
  2. COLD : Enjoy smoother texture when you put into refrigerator
  3. ICED: Enjoy the silky texture of cheese tart like an “Ice cream”
    after putting in the freezer
  4. HOT : Enjoy “freshly bake cheese tart” when you reheat
    it by using a toaster oven

Finish it within 4 days.

These are my breakfast set:
A box of strawberry, Açai yogurt bowl, BAKE cheese tart and a box of milk. 🙂

I’m totally an Açai lover. I bought this at a convenience store. (Mixed berries flavor)

BAKE cheese tart 

WEB : http://bakecheesetart.com
TEL 03-5925-8170

The shop I visited : LUMINE EST SHINJUKU
OPEN / MON-FRI 11:00-22:00 / WEEKEND&HOLIDAYS 10:30-22:00


Thanks for watching my Tokyo breakfast reviews hahaha


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