There are few things I choose a accommodation when traveling around the world. Such as location, budget, cleanliness etc. But among that, the most important condition is belongingness. We start a journey from home and end it at home. Also, we all looking for the familiarity while traveling. Kaisu hostel, which is a refurbished traditional Japanese restaurant with performing geishas that totally bring the feeling that I’m looking for. Let’s take a look of it, shall we?

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::Briefing:: From NRT airport to Tokyo station – 41 mins journey with Skyliner (plus more alternative transportations)

It’s very convenient for taking the express train, subway or either bus to get in Tokyo center. Today, I’m here to make a combo list for you guys, to make you easier to pick which option that meet your time and budget. Following are 1. Rail access between NRT and Tokyo, 2. Transportations’ list and compares. 3. Skyliner (my experience)

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::SPOT:: Get some freshest seafood in Tokyo – Tsukiji Fish Market (part.1)

When you get into Japan,  you probably already heard about the large wholesale market for seafood, fruit, and vegetable near Ginza in the central Tokyo. But it’s been planned relocation to Toyosu in 2016 Nov.

Today we are going to explore Tsukiji Market (outer market), to have some seafood don and Tamagoyaki (Japanese style omelet) for 100 yen, also I’ll show you around the market and the sunset from the bridge between Tsukiji market and the moon island.

P.s. Tourist can sign up some private tour such as tuna auction tour from 2 a.m. or outer market tour from 8 a.m. (Surcharged) 

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::SPOT:: Let’s find some amazing plastic food samples in Japan – Kappabashi-dori Kitchenware Town

As a food lover, I decided spend some time In the last day of my Tokyo trip to Kappabashi-dori aka Kitchen Town. It located between Ueno and Asakusa area and only takes 10 mins on foot from Kaminarimon. In here, you can find various store sell plates, copper pots, iron pan, food samples, lanterns, ingredients for cooking, friedge, sign…etc. You will loveit here if you are a cook or food lover!!!


日本 東京 合羽橋道具街 食物模型 塑膠食物 烘焙用具

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