::SPOT:: Chiangmai Sunday working street and Thai street food

There are 4 main night markets in Chiangmai :

1. Saturday night market at Wua Lai Rd. also near to the Chiangmai gate.
2. Sunday working street from the gate Tha Pae to the old city centre.
3. Chiangmai night bazaar located the east side out of the old city.
4. the Chiangmai University night market.

In this article I’m going to show you what I saw and the street food I tried in Chiangmai Sunday working street. Are you ready for this?!


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::Accommodation:: Industrial style guesthouse in the old city- Sleep Guesthouse

When I was browsing accommodations on website, I saw this guesthouse which is designed with strong industrial style and I just booked it without hesitation. Not only cause the style of this guesthouse, also the location and its positive reviews.(Very close to the U.N. Irish bar, ZOE in yellow and Thai Farm cooking school.) The staff is a native English speaker i assume(or dutch), and his wife is a very nice Thai lady who speaks great english as well.


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